The SozzlerI love this time of year, I love everything about the build up to Christmas, from the excitement of little children, to the hushed conversations in office corridors of folk trying to work out what they actually did the night before..  Sound familiar?

The incredible thing is that no matter how many scrapes we get ourselves into each year, we rarely learn from our annual festive antics!

Let me introduce you to my favourite gremlin of all… The ‘Sozzler’, named very aptly by a good friend and fellow coach Michelle Rogers.

The ‘Sozzler’ for want of a better description is just the opposite of your usual ‘limiting belief/gremlin’. This little fella is capable of ‘pimping up’ anyone’s confidence, especially at Christmas parties.

So if you are trying to ‘be good’ this Christmas and still want a job to come back to in 2016, here are a few ‘Sozzler Alerts’ that you need to be wary of:

[bctt tweet=”Christmas party tip number 1: Avoid confessing your undying love to anyone, especially your boss!!”]

[bctt tweet=”Christmas party tip number 2: Try ‘if at all possible’ not to get stupidly drunk”]

[bctt tweet=”Christmas party tip number 3: Avoid buying inappropriate secret Santa gifts”]

[bctt tweet=”Christmas party tip number 4: You are not John Travolta, so forget any dodgy moves on the dance floor”]

[bctt tweet=”Christmas party tip number 5: Do not photocopy ANYTHING!!”]

[bctt tweet=”Christmas party tip number 6: Avoid asking for a pay rise”]

[bctt tweet=”Christmas party tip number 7: Do not remove any items of clothing”]

[bctt tweet=”Christmas party tip number 8: Book a taxi home well in advance!”]

[bctt tweet=”Xmas party tip #9: Do not post anything on social media that you wouldn’t want your granny to see!!”]

Finally, The ‘Sozzler’ is very good at making us believe we’re still thirsty and tempting us to that inevitable ‘one for the road’, so if you want to avoid the consequences of any of the above, don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Have fun!