About Liza

I grew up in a village in North of England. At 17 I thought I’d struck gold when I got my first job at an advertising agency whose stately home offices housed a swimming pool and a bar! I spent the next 18 years in the media and advertising world working for amazing brands like McCann Erickson, The BBC, Virgin Radio, and more latterly at DMGT where I was the first female board director of the world’s largest free newspaper, Metro. The culture of each of those organisations lead me to where I am today, supporting other people, teams and whole businesses to be their best, to live their values and be exceptional in everything they do. I’m now based in Bath, I’m a ‘budding’ saxophonist (although I use the word saxophonist loosely) and have a fabulous family and friends to keep me busy outside of work.

Your people are your biggest asset.

Let us help them to be their best so that you can be yours!

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