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About Us

Whynot is an independent business founded in 2006 by Liza Hughes. We take enormous pride in doing a great job to deliver the most professional opportunities for people to be their best, through every interaction we offer, whether it be 1:1 leadership coaching, our Inspire events series, our state of the art profiling tools, our vision days or our bespoke client solutions.

Our clients often refer to us as ‘one of the team’. We see our clients as partners we respect them and they respect the honest, collaborative, and fun approach we apply to delivering the best results for their business. We believe that anything is possible, and work relentlessly to create fresh perspectives and insights that move people and organisations forward in their thinking. We take care to ensure everyone can be their best!

What We Do

Whether you are looking for executive coaching, team growth, strategy days, seeking to join a leadership forum or looking to develop the mentoring capabilities of your workforce, we’ll help you move your thinking and business forward by aligning your organisational or personal needs with the right solution.
We succeed at delivering lasting results by challenging the status quo, unblocking obstacles and offering a confidential environment in which to explore new ground.


We aim to bring out your very best, our coaching practice is confidential, challenging, non judgmental, supportive, reflective, fun and 100% about you. Coaching enables folk to be more agile, innovative, dynamic, better communicators, more confident, and stronger overall leaders, all key ingredients required to ensure a more successful business culture.

Team Coaching

We understand everyone’s role in a team and are skilled at moving teams forward to re-ignite respect of the strengths and skills each member brings.
We have succeeded in changing the dynamics of even the most un-collaborative teams and are experienced to help create new behaviours that generate results and lasting success.

Vision Intensives

We offer leaders a unique, stimulating and intensive 1 on 1 coaching experience to work on a vision for themselves, their teams and their business. We use a positive psychology framework which offers new insights to create a refreshed vision, greater energy and focus that leads to improved performance back at base. The Vision Intensive day is based in the world heritage city of Bath.


We are invested in the science and technology that builds collaboration, trust, greater productivity and improves communication not only with internal stakeholders across entire organisations but also with external stakeholders too.
Emergenetics is a cutting edge global profiling tool and cultural solution that uses brain-based research to maximise performance of people by understanding how folk prefer to think and behave. To find out more visit the Emergenetics website

Inspire Leadership Forum

Inspire is a forum for business leaders that are passionate about developing outstanding organisational culture. The Inspire experience ranges from a days conference of inspirational speakers and thought leaders on business culture to one to one coaching, profiling and alumni suppers with an intimate group of leaders from a wide range of business sectors. This a an all encompassing experience that has informed and transformed businesses across the South West. To find out more visit the Inspire website


Each business is unique and we are experienced in offering bespoke solutions to all of our clients whether that be mentoring programmes, strategy days, leadership training, conflict resolution, or full cultural solutions. Our aim is to help you to tap into the superpowers of your workforce and deliver a productive, vibrant, agile and innovative culture that is fit for the next generation.




Sax Gigs

I found it reassuring to meet others who had faced similar challenges and to learn about how they had overcome these.

Jo Beckett


I was totally inspired from the day, I strongly recommend this event to anyone who is facing cultural issues and wants to create an inspired workforce.

Jon Rolfe

Partner, Epoch Wealth Management

Your people are your biggest asset.

Let us help them to be their best so that you can be yours!

couple-02-48We are a human development company. graph-03-48We help businesses grow by maximising the potential in everyone from top to bottom.

hospital-lab-48We are invested in the science that enhances performance men-suit-48We create bespoke solutions for every business

graph-03-48We deliver results that create lasting change contact-48Contact us any way you like, we’re always here to encourage, support and drink tea!