As an expert in Emergenetics; Liza has facilitated the diagnostic of our senior leadership team using this profiling tool. This has helped us to understand why and how people see and react to the world around them differently. Using these profiles has enabled us to work more effectively as a team, both by playing to our strengths and collectively filling in our gaps.

The Emergenetics profiles are supported by an easy to use App – which can prompt thoughts and ideas about how to interact with other colleagues who may have very different profiles. This is very practical and very effective in optimising our time in one to one sessions.

Donna Baddeley

CEO, Valleys to Coast

Having benefited hugely myself from Emergenetics and Liza’s easy and accessible coaching style I was eager to expose my entire team to the same treatment! It was a valuable session helping us understand ourselves and each other and pinpointing some holes in our structure and communication styles. Cannot recommend her highly enough. You won’t be disappointed.

Alison Todd

Chief executive, Mercy in Action

Those of you familiar with the benefits of psychometric profiling tools will know that traditionally they have been integral in supporting businesses to improve employee communication, productivity and enhance organisational culture. But as the science and technology improves, these tools have a much wider benefit beyond their original purpose.

We teamed up with content marketing expert Ben Hollom to discover how Emergenetics is influencing how his agency M2 Bespoke are writing personalised content for consumers.