Having recently been emerged in the Italian countryside for 4 days at the Global Brain Summit for Emergenetics, never have I been more aware of how important it is that we seek out new ways to cut through all the ‘blur’ that exists in the world today, to fully connect and engage with our friends, our families and our colleagues. Whilst ‘The Social Age’ has created opportunity it could be argued that it has created confusion too.

As humans we are naturally quite voyeuristic, we watch peoples behaviour like never before, on line, in the office and at home but often we are unaware of where that behaviour comes from. Why is it for example that for Matthew never speaks up in meetings or that Susan always likes to be heard. Or what is that makes Helen constantly challenge the facts or what is it about Peter that makes him love processes. The truth is that we emerge from our genetic blueprint, we all think and behave in different ways, we have brilliant minds and when they are connected and fully engaged with each other we have the ability to do really amazing things.

The incredible thing that I learnt in stunning Assisi is that we can cut through all that blur using the amazing technology that we carry around in our pockets, through an App called Emergenetics+. I met 100 new people last week, from all over the world, our connections were the most powerful I’ve ever experienced. The reason being is that we were able to engage with each other through a mutual understanding of how each one of us prefers to think and behave, we had a language that gave us clarity and a deeper level of understanding about one another. As a result I left Italy with 100 new friends with the most brilliant but very different minds. Imagine creating that kind of culture in your workplace, where there is a mutual respect for our differences, imagine the results you could achieve if you did….

If you would like to hear more about Emergenetics+ and the brilliant things it can do, please get in touch.