Green Learning

Recent articles in the Guardian and Fast Company magazine have been singing the praises of green learning; scientists have discovered that spending only two hours a week in nature has been proven to dramatically increase a person’s wellbeing.

At Whynot? we try to take our clients outdoors whenever it’s possible, whether it’s simply taking advantage of the outdoor space at a learning venue, walking side by side with leaders on their vision day experience or literally packing a picnic and a flask and immersing whole teams into the countryside for a full day of learning.

In our experience, we’ve noticed that being in nature is the most natural place to develop personal insights and inspire fresh thinking and innovation. Literally lifting the lid on the classroom environment and being surrounded by the most incredible resources that nature has to offer enables everyone, no matter what their natural preferences are, the opportunity to learn whilst feeling completely relaxed and invigorated at the same time.

Most development programmes can be delivered in the great outdoors without PowerPoint slides, flip charts or any awkward ice breakers.  If the idea of green learning appeals to you, let’s have a cuppa and work out the best approach for you.

“Doing this programme outside was genius, I loved being in the countryside, such a great way to learn!”

“Walking through the rapeseed field was magical.”

“Being outside of the office and having a bespoke experience was my best bit.”

Your people are your biggest asset.

Let us help them to be their best so that you can be yours!

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