Do you recognise any of these pesky characters?

In coaching we call them Gremlins. They are made up of limiting beliefs, when we allow ourselves to disbelieve that we are capable of doing something. Generally these thoughts are built up from years and years of experiences where we might have thought that we aren’t good enough at something, or that other people have lead us to believe that we’re not living up to their expectations, maybe teachers, parents, or bosses. This eventually leads to us actually believing that this is true, even when we know intellectually that it isn’t the case. Limiting beliefs, eventually become niggling little voices in our heads that stop us from doing great things. With years of experience dealing with all manner of gremlins both individually and organisationally we have worked at bringing them to life to help our clients to manage their existence and minimise their impact. (To buy a set of our gremlin coaching cards please get in touch)