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Lou Baker, HR Manager
Lou Baker, HR Manager Response One
I cannot recommend Liza and WhyNot Coaching highly enough. Liza has become an integral part of Response One’s training programme, providing us with breakfast coaching clinics, 1:1 coaching, Emergenetics profiling and Meeting of Minds sessions.

Liza’s coaching techniques alongside her understanding of our business and her enthusiastic manner have enabled the teams she has worked with to understand their strengths, achieve their goals and have a clear vision of the future for themselves and their team. Feedback from all sessions has been extremely positive with colleagues walking away feeling inspired and excited to put their learnings into action.

Donna Warr, Organisational Development Manager
Donna Warr, Organisational Development Manager Curo
I engaged with Liza when I was scoping training providers to deliver an in-house programme of mentor training. I had already met with a few providers and was still looking for that “something different”. Immediately after I met with Liza I was excited about what she could offer and this was reinforced when I received her proposal a short while later. She had completely understood my vision and had translated into a programme that I knew would meet our needs. Liza had taken great care to link her proposal to our Vision and Values and had made it truly bespoke to our organisation. I was really pleased when she agreed to work with us.

The delivery of the programme, 3 days over a period of 5 months or so, was fantastic and far better than I had imagined. Liza has a fantastic way of engaging her audience and adapting her style, using the power of storytelling to really convey her messages. Her ongoing support through the programme to me and the delegates was great and nothing was ever too much trouble.

The programme has been a great success and I know that our initial group of mentors have really gained personally and professionally from the experience.

I really enjoy working with Liza and she feels like part of the team.

Vicki Harper, PR executive
Vicki Harper, PR executive
One of the most insightful and motivating breakfast sessions I’ve been on. Liza taps into a well of limiting beliefs and normalises them truly enabling you to start tackling them and replacing them with their positive counterparts. I felt completely inspired with a strong determination to start making a change. Liza arms you with all you need to help yourself conquer fears, unlocking true fulfilment before she sends you on your way with a plan and kick start you need. I would recommend any of Liza’s coaching sessions. If only I could put her in my pocket and take her to work!
Allison Todd, chief executive
Allison Todd, chief executive Mercy In Action
Having benefited hugely myself from Emergenetics and Liza’s easy and accessible coaching style I was eager to expose my entire team to the same treatment! It was a valuable session helping us understand ourselves and each other and pinpointing some holes in our structure and communication styles. Cannot recommend her highly enough. You won’t be disappointed.
Lewis Carnie, Head of Programmes
Lewis Carnie, Head of Programmes Radio 2
A Vision Intensive is the ideal personal one to one coaching experience for career progressive executives. People consider time to be precious, largely because they have so much to do and days out of the office and away from work have to be worthwhile. This day I felt was more than worthwhile. It made me focus clearly on how I can personally progress and utilise my talents. It also identified actions that I needed to take to achieve my goals and in fact be of greater benefit to the business.

The sessions are varied and are not in the slightest restrictive or wasteful. In fact quite the opposite. They help really open your mind to the opportunities and abilities you have and how to maximise the impact you can have in your career. It focuses on your talents and strengths instead of solely on your weaker areas as so much training can do. Playing to your strengths is very much the message of the day. Improve where you are weak but do not forget that it is your strengths that are your greatest asset.

I cannot recommend it highly enough and have to say the one to one situation really works. So many group training sessions restrict honesty and openness and do not allow a coach to dig down deeply enough to get maximum benefit for the individual and organisation who sent them.

A really really worthwhile experience and I personally have taken specific direct actions as a result and, in fact, will continue to do so.

Greg Holt, Managing Director
Greg Holt, Managing Director Mediology
My Vision Intensive day with Liza was a real breath of fresh air. The session was very thought provoking, stimulated by the environment Liza provided. I quickly felt she understood the issues and choices I was facing.

The coaching helped me to reaffirm things of greatest importance and outline a plan to achieve future goals.

I came away from the day energised, enthused and focused on future achievements. I would thoroughly recommend a Vision Intensive Day with Liza.

Mark Strippel, Head of Programmes
Mark Strippel, Head of Programmes BBC Asian Network
I have benefitted as an individual from Liza’s really challenging but enjoyable Leadership coaching sessions, but have also witnessed the benefit to our wider Management team on Radio 2, 6 Music and Asian Network from one of her ‘Emergenetics’ group sessions. Leadership sessions need to be useful and have tangible outcomes, and this day helped to bring real clarity to a group with a varying range of skills and trained our focus on how to galvanise our combined strengths as a top team to meet the challenges ahead.
James Ranson, Director of Advertising
James Ranson, Director of Advertising Future UK
Media doesn’t ever get any easier. The pace of development and ever changing landscape make it a far cry from the days of simple platforms with simple commercial departments to cater for demand. Persistent change management is a challenging environment to operate within, and Liza has been a fantastic outlet for me to work in the playground of the big, the outlandish and the high risk ideas which often don’t find a happy home in day-to-day. The head space she is able to create in our sessions is both refreshing and hugely productive, through a professional, open and engaging environment. I can only recommend WhyNot Coaching to anyone who needs that place to explore new possibilities in their work and gain clarity and insight into the way they can best tackle it.
Tony Treacy, CEO
Tony Treacy, CEO Ideas to Market and Pubilcis Dialogue
Liza is very professional and easy to work with. Her open, constructive and honest approach to client relationships; to the individuals she works with at a personal level; and to the business objectives we were trying to achieve made a significant and positive contribution to the success of the project.

She quickly gained the trust of everyone, which was central to its success; and although employing a structured approach that was in line with the overall project objectives, she was able to tailor her approach to the personalities and concerns of the individuals she coached.

Indy Sahota, Editor
Indy Sahota, Editor BBC Asian Network
“My Vision Day with Liza was amazing, and so powerful.

My head is full of so many thoughts, but I also have so much clarity.

And best of all, Liza is a really lovely person – as well as an absolutely amazing Coach.

Thank you so much”

Vincent Smith, Head of Direct Marketing
Vincent Smith, Head of Direct Marketing Cancer Research UK
Liza’s facilitation of the group helped us come to some real actions – something we’d been struggling with for a while. She brought energy and focus we needed to build on and helped keep us to time which isn’t easy with a group of 25 senior managers! Her preparation and support of the chairs was impeccable and we’ll definitely be using her again
Liam Black, Director
Liam Black, Director Fifteen Foundation
“It was a great pleasure working with Liza. She was at all times highly professional and creative – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any other company”
Richard Roberts, HR Director
Richard Roberts, HR Director Virgin Mobile
Liza delivered a series of workshops for Virgin Mobile across all areas of the business as part of our Employee Engagement project.

Liza very quickly understood our brief and with very little intervention from me, put together a workshop that absolutely captured what we were trying to achieve. It was thought provoking, involving, engaging and was at the right level for the very varied audiences.

Our employees loved her energetic approach to things and it sparked much interest and enthusiasm in the project. The subsequent report and recommendations that Liza made were of high quality.

75% of her recommendations were implemented which made a tremendous difference to the organisation. This was reflected in an increase in retention and engagement levels across the business.

Liza is enthusiastic, dependable, hard-working, conscientious and great fun to work with. I would highly recommend her.

Simon Hares, Head of Training
Simon Hares, Head of Training Future Publishing
Liza Hughes and her business Whynot? Have been an integral part of the training and development strategy at Future for the last six years. In that time Liza’s services have been valuable in the development of our teams. Liza has a positive ‘can do’ approach and works well within the culture of our Future. All the sessions have been well received and the skills learned have been implemented, we will be using Liza on an ongoing basis moving forward, I would have no hesitation in recommending Liza Hughes and Whynot?