Liza has worked with Valleys to Coast on a number of projects.

She has provided a “Change” workshop for all colleagues across the business to help them to manage their own emotions when dealing with change. This has helped individuals to build their own personal resilience. Colleagues have told us that the techniques are useful for their lives at home as well as in the workplace.

Liza’s relaxed and warm style has delivered high levels of engagement across some very disparate teams.

As an expert in Emergenetics; Liza has facilitated the diagnostic of our senior leadership team using this profiling tool. This has helped us to understand why and how people see and react to the world around them differently. Using these profiles has enabled us to work more effectively as a team, both by playing to our strengths and collectively filling in our gaps.

The Emergenetics profiles are supported by an easy to use App – which can prompt thoughts and ideas about how to interact with other colleagues who may have very different profiles. This is very practical and very effective in optimising our time in one to one sessions.

Liza has worked with our Gamechangers and Voices teams on a specific project to change the physical working environment. By creating high energy, fun but focused workshops, Liza has helped to unlock the creativity of our colleagues to produce some great ideas. The Emergenetics references will help us to deliver our ideas in a more inclusive and effective way.

Liza is authentic, committed and thoughtful – she has been a pleasure to work with and has added real value for our business.

Donna Baddeley

Chief executive, Valleys to Coasy Housing

My time with Liza has been valuable. Not only has it given me space to understand what can often be complex challenges, but she has expertly and often with great patience helped me navigate these challenges allowing me to self-correct and understand more about myself and others. In any walk of life, that has to be something worth learning.


Marketing Director, Pukka Herbs

The programme has been a great success and I know that our initial group of mentors have really gained personally and professionally from the experience.

I really enjoy working with Liza and she feels like part of the team.

Donna Warr

Organisational Development Manager, Curo

A Vision Intensive is the ideal personal one to one coaching experience for career progressive executives. I cannot recommend it highly enough and have to say the one to one situation really works.

A really, really worthwhile experience and I personally have taken specific direct actions as a result and, in fact, will continue to do so.

Lewis Carnie

Head of Programmes, BBC Radio 2

Having benefited hugely myself from Emergenetics and Liza’s easy and accessible coaching style I was eager to expose my entire team to the same treatment! It was a valuable session helping us understand ourselves and each other and pinpointing some holes in our structure and communication styles. Cannot recommend her highly enough. You won’t be disappointed.

Alison Todd

Chief executive, Mercy in Action

Liza’s a fabulous partner to work with in the coaching, change, and thrive developmental space at Pukka.  Her coaching expertise and superb style works incredibly well with our leadership team and our wider teams especially our next generation leaders.  I’d never hesitate to recommend Liza.

Suzy Stollery

People director, Pukka Herbs

My Vision Intensive day with Liza was a real breath of fresh air. The session was very thought provoking, stimulated by the environment Liza provided. I quickly felt she understood the issues and choices I was facing.

I came away from the day energised, enthused and focused on future achievements. I would thoroughly recommend a Vision Intensive Day with Liza.

Greg Holt

Managing Director, Mediology

I have benefitted as an individual from Liza’s really challenging but enjoyable leadership coaching sessions, but have also witnessed the benefit to our wider management team on Radio 2, 6 Music and Asian Network from one of her ‘Emergenetics’ group sessions.

This day helped to bring real clarity to a group with a varying range of skills and trained our focus on how to galvanise our combined strengths as a top team to meet the challenges ahead.

Mark Strippel

Head of Programmes, BBC Asian Network

Liza has been a fantastic outlet for me to work in the playground of the big, the outlandish and the high risk ideas which often don’t find a happy home in day-to-day. The head space she is able to create in our sessions is both refreshing and hugely productive, through a professional, open and engaging environment.

I can only recommend WhyNot Coaching to anyone who needs that place to explore new possibilities in their work and gain clarity and insight into the way they can best tackle it.

James Ranson

Director of advertising, Future UK

Liza is very professional and easy to work with. Her open, constructive and honest approach to client relationships; to the individuals she works with at a personal level; and to the business objectives we were trying to achieve made a significant and positive contribution to the success of the project.

She quickly gained the trust of everyone and she was able to tailor her approach to the personalities and concerns of the individuals she coached.

Liza is enthusiastic, dependable, hard-working, conscientious and great fun to work with. I would highly recommend her.

Tony Treacy

CEO, Ideas to Market and Publicis Dialogue

My Vision Day with Liza was amazing, and so powerful.
My head is full of so many thoughts, but I also have so much clarity.
And best of all, Liza is a really lovely person – as well as an absolutely amazing Coach.
Thank you so much

I came away from the day energised, enthused and focused on future achievements. I would thoroughly recommend a Vision Intensive Day with Liza.

Indy Sahota

Editor, BBC Asian Network

It was a great pleasure working with Liza. She was at all times highly professional and creative – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any other company
Liza is enthusiastic, dependable, hard-working, conscientious and great fun to work with. I would highly recommend her.

Liam Black

Director, Wavelength

Liza’s facilitation of the group helped us come to some real actions – something we’d been struggling with for a while. She brought energy and focus we needed to build on and helped keep us to time which isn’t easy with a group of 25 senior managers! Her preparation and support of the chairs was impeccable and we’ll definitely be using her again

Vincent Smith

Head of Direct Marketing, Cancer Research UK

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